How do you even review a laser tag company? I can only spell it out in one word, "It's a banger," actually that looked like a full sentence, but whatever. Public Schools. Anyways, listen, as a dude who on thrice times has talked to an actual Team Guy and once an Army Ranger I know what "high speed, low drag" looks like. Now, I would never have passed any selection, but if you've ever seen me at a buffet, you'd know I'd crush it on MEAL Team 6. Now that my pedigree is out of the way, lets get to brass tax. This was a ton of fun and yes I beat the s**t out of some elementary aged kids without remorse. I'm an operator. We will be doing this again for all the birthdays and any other event that requires shooting people with lasers and electrocuting their wrist so they know they got, got. Definitely worth calling and scheduling an event!!! Thanks Battle Idaho!!


We have had an absolute blast every-time we play!! I can't wait for the next time!!


This is what Twin Falls needs! Our family had an absolute blast. It wasn't at all what we expected. It was fun and exhilarating for all ages. Our family got to watch grandmas lay the smack down on their grand kids. We were able to convince a Vietnam veteran to join us and he was definitely reliving his youth.

The staff are incredibly and patient. They took the time to explain in detail on how to play and fielded questions from everyone. I'd recommend this to anyone!! Can't wait for them to get a permanent spot so we can buy a membership and do it a couple times a week!


Idaho Battle Fields owners are so fun and very professional with high quality equipment that was easy to use and understand. I would recommend this company to any one wanting to make memories with their family or have the best party experience!!!!


Absolutely the most fun I've had in a long time! I really want to see this grow and succeed! Lots of fun, realistic, and one hell of a workout! Fun for everyone! You will not be disappointed! TELL EVERYONE!


This game is by far the most affordable and family oriented laser tag experience. It's loads of fun. They have wonderful staff. It is tactical and comparable to call of duty. Definitely more affordable than laser mania. I have fallen in love with the game environment and communal involvement. Best laser tag ever crated, and I grew up on laser tag. I 100% recommend everyone support and check out what they have to offer.


We had a BLAST tonight with our youth group. I overheard many of the people there tonight (young and old) mentioning how much fun it was. We will DEFINITELY be looking at doing this again. FAVORITE activity to date. What a great idea for a large group, or family reunion.


This is so much fun for families and friends. Way better then regular laser tag. I have 4 boys ranging from 15 to 4 and we all played and had a blast. I was super hard to get them to leave. Everyone should come play.


This is a family fun activity that Twin Falls needed. The staff are so helpful with the gear and explaining how things work. Our family came with our little gal and they had no problem jumping in to help her even though they had to have been exhausted. It was super inexpensive for the amount of fun that we got. We can't wait to join them again this weekend!


This was the best experience I've ever had. It's call of duty come to life. Fun people fun game awesome experiences I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone. You won't be disappointed


This was by far the coolest laser tag ever! I've played at venues all over and have never had so much fun! The equipment is amazing and actually works! The guns are awesome and have precise sights. It's like real life call of duty with weapons stations and med stations and you respawn at your base when you get killed. It can be super tactical and intense for the older crowd but was super simple and straight forward for my kids as well. My family had a blast and we can't wait to go again!


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